Connecting the Culm

Creating a better future for the River Culm

Working with nature and local communities, we aim to make the river better for wildlife and people, and more resilient to flood and drought. We want to collaborate with those living in the River Culm catchment to help solve the river’s problems. As a part of this, we will use proven nature-based solutions that provide many other benefits too.

One of the project’s main aims is to create a long-term plan for the future of the River Culm that everyone is signed up to – the Blueprint for the River Culm. This will tackle the growing issues of flood and drought, improve water quality in the river, and create a better place for wildlife and people.

Steven Johnson, Connecting the Culm, talks about the project and how it will help make the Culm a better place for people and wildlife.

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Stories of the Culm

December 16th, 2021|

After a summer telling stories at various events, storyteller Clare Viner went online to bring the stories into lounges across the Culm catchment. On 9th Dec 2021

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