The Connecting the Culm project is working with nature and local communities, to help make the River Culm and its catchment better for wildlife and people, and more resilient to flood and drought.

Watch this short film for an overview of the Connecting the Culm project.

Our vision for 2050

The River Culm will be celebrated as a lifeline that connects people with each other and with nature. Land across the catchment will be managed to protect and enhance the River, whilst sustaining people’s livelihoods. Throughout the seasons and as the climate changes, the River Culm will have space to flow naturally and safely. The water will run clear, wildlife will flourish, and people will easily access and enjoy all of these benefits.

Map of the River Culm catchment and the River Culm's tributaries: Grand Western Canal, Spratford Stream, Fulford Water, Ken Stream, Weaver, Sheldon Stream, Madford River, Bolham River.

The Blueprint for the Culm

As part of the project, we have developed a Blueprint for the River Culm – a long-term management and investment plan for the river.

Click here for the Blueprint for the Culm
Screenshot of the The Blueprint for the Culm website

Latest news…

All the latest news and updates about the River Culm and its surrounding landscape

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