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The wonderful wildlife of the Culm


The Culm and its catchment support a diverse array of wildlife habitats. It's not just the river corridor, with its aquatic and riparian ecology; the catchment upstream of this central artery and its tributaries

The wonderful wildlife of the Culm2020-06-26T14:25:29+00:00

What are Nature-Based Solutions?


Nature-based solutions are techniques to restore or mimic natural functions in the environment, where the human systems we have imposed may be creating undesirable effects. They could be realised in a variety of scales and

What are Nature-Based Solutions?2020-06-18T09:12:06+00:00

Stretch out on the Culm


The Culm is one of the most accessible rivers in Devon, with public footpaths along many sections that allow you to explore this intricate, braided, looping watercourse as it winds its way towards its confluence

Stretch out on the Culm2020-06-17T21:02:36+00:00

The politics of soil


Unless you work on the land, or have an interest in it, it might have passed you by about how important soil is. Beneath our feet, this ubiquitous natural resource, with its wide variety of

The politics of soil2020-06-17T21:14:56+00:00
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