What is the Blueprint for the Culm?

Creating a 25-year vision for the River Culm and its catchment

The Blueprint for the Culm will be a long-term (at least 25-year) management plan that guides and informs all investment decisions in the River Culm Catchment.

It will be developed through a collaborative process involving residents, community organisations, businesses and statutory authorities so that it is informed by and has the widest possible support and ownership amongst those affected by its activities and outcomes.

We have now started the Blueprint development process, with the launch of the Connecting the Culm Forum (the next meeting scheduled for June) and a series of Working Groups. These cover the following areas and themes:

  • Upper Culm
  • Mid-Culm
  • Lower Culm
  • Water Quality
  • Nature-Based Solutions
  • Access

Working Groups are open to everyone and we’ll be sharing dates of future meetings through our newsletter and on our Latest News page – do join in! All meetings take place on this link:

We have developed a range of online tools to support the Working Groups. Meeting agendas, minutes and other documents can be found on our Google Drive and we are gradually filling in a Google Map that shows all the different issues emerging from the Working Group discussions.

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Here’s a short video about the Blueprint and how we see it developing.

We have launched an interactive “visualisation” of the issues affecting the Culm which you can view here:

As you browse through you’ll see a number of statements reflecting our research into the state of the Culm. You can comment on these by visiting our survey.

comment on issues on the culm

This video is a recording of the first half hour of our Forum Launch event on 18 November 2020.

The Blueprint will be based on the latest science

We are undertaking detailed scientific research into the health and function of the river.

We have developed a comprehensive “Environmental Evidence Review” for the Culm and this can be downloaded from our Library by clicking the button below. It brings together all the available data for the Culm from a wide range of sources including land use and landscape, water quality, wildlife habitats, soils, flood and drought risk and heritage assets. This information underpins the Blueprint and will help us make the right decisions as we go along.

We’ve also commissioned an advanced flood and drought computer model of the River Culm catchment, which allows us to forecast what the impacts of climate change will be. We can run different scenarios and see how land use changes – like more tree and hedge-planting for example – could make the river more resilient.

Discover the science

An extract from the Environmental Evidence Review, showing water quality data from all the main watercourses in the catchment.

Building a case for investment

Investing in nature generate multiple benefits for many people

Profound changes continue to occur in the policy and funding landscape in which environmental groups operate in the UK. There is now an ever greater need for us to develop a compelling business case for investment in the local environment and we must actively seek opportunities to present this case to the right audiences, in the right places and using the right language required to be successful…

    As we begin to build the evidence base for the Blueprint, please complete our survey and tell us about your experience of the Culm .

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