Discover the Culm event video


The "Discover the River Culm" online event held on 22 October 2020 brought together a galaxy of specialists to detail their knowledge and insights into the science and heritage of the River Culm.  Over

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Soils Matter


A new video from the Westcountry Rivers Trust gives some insights to the importance of soil health, the challenges that different soils pose, and how climate change is likely to impact them.

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Devon’s beavers are back!


M ark Elliott, Devon Wildlife Trust's Beaver Project Lead, shares the background to and prospects for Devon's now-officially sanctioned wild beavers. The 6th August 2020 will go down in history as a very significant

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The National Trust on the Culm


Richard Jackson, Estate Manager for the National Trust at Killerton, which includes nearly 3 miles of the river, talks about the Trust's plans for the area and how Connecting the Culm is helping develop

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What are Nature-Based Solutions?


Nature-based solutions are techniques to restore or mimic natural functions in the environment, where the human systems we have imposed may be creating undesirable effects. They could be realised in a variety of scales and

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The politics of soil


Unless you work on the land, or have an interest in it, it might have passed you by about how important soil is. Beneath our feet, this ubiquitous natural resource, with its wide variety of

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Nature-based solutions on the River Corry, East Devon


Through 2019 and into 2020, and working in conjunction with another AONB sister project, Woods for Water, works to install £50,000 of Nature-Based Solutions on farms in two sub-catchments close to the Culm catchment,

Nature-based solutions on the River Corry, East Devon2020-07-09T11:28:55+00:00
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