Connecting Schools & the Culm


Throughout June and July we have had the wonderful opportunity to work with five schools and over 300 pupils along the length of the River Culm. We started with Churchstanton Primary School at the

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Citizen Scientists get active on the Culm


A team of volunteers is now routinely monitoring water quality on the Culm, thanks to the Connecting the Culm project and the  Westcountry Rivers Trust Citizen Science Investigation (CSI) scheme. The scheme is designed

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Discover the Culm event video


The "Discover the River Culm" online event held on 22 October 2020 brought together a galaxy of specialists to detail their knowledge and insights into the science and heritage of the River Culm.  Over

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Become a Culm Citizen Scientist!


One way you can help the Culm in a very practical way is to become a Culm Citizen Scientist. You'll receive training and support from the Westcountry Rivers Trust to enable you to spot pollution

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The Water Framework Directive – results for the Culm


The health of a river can be measured in multiple different ways – you can consider the quality of the water in the river, in terms of the chemicals it contains, and the ecological health

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