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Hear about how the Culm Citizen Science Investigations (CSI) volunteers help to assess the health of the Culm and its tributaries.

The Westcountry Rivers Trust’s Citizen Science Investigations (CSI) initiative has been running for over five years across the rivers and streams of the South West. CSI enables people to become water quality sampling volunteers and stewards for their local river or stream.

Collecting regular water quality samples not only produces good data, which we can use to identify areas of concern, but also enables citizen scientists to get to know their river, helping to identify positive and negative changes and influencing action where needed – such as spotting and reporting pollution so it can be dealt with quickly.

Culm CSI is a sub-set of CSI volunteers who started undertaking water quality sampling on the River Culm and its tributaries to contribute to the Connecting the Culm project. To celebrate their hard work, Lydia Deakin, who coordinates CSI, will introduce Culm CSI, present collated Culm CSI ‘scorecards’ and then hand over to a current Culm CSI volunteer for further insight into the world of water quality sampling and recording. The event will round off with a Question & Answer session for any budding future volunteers!

Picture: Lydia Deakin from the CSI team

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