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It’s good for your health & good for the health of the river

A healthy river is essential to protect people and nature; it’s also good for wellbeing and the economy. We want to work together with people living and working near the River Culm to help meet the challenges it faces now and in the future.

We believe that huge positive impacts on the health of people and nature can be achieved if people work together to look after their local environment.

There are loads of ways you can get involved and help us to protect and restore the health of the River Culm and the surrounding landscape in Mid and East Devon – become a river scientist, attend an event, do your DofE volunteering with the Culm Himalayan Balsam action group, have a say in Blueprint action plan for the River Culm…

    Whether you prefer practical action or live events, we have a programme of activities that you can get involved in…

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    Help us assess the health of your local stream by joining the Westcountry Citizen Science Investigations (CSI) programme and monitoring its water quality and wildlife

    Become a citizen scientist
    vegetation & water at Killerton

    Help us assess and enhance the health of the area alongside and around your local stream by joining in with one of the many volunteering opportunities

    Become a citizen scientist/volunteer

    If we have a survey open to find out your views on different aspects of the project you’ll find them here…

    We don’t have any surveys open at the moment

    Help us develop the Blueprint for the Culm…

    We need your help to create a shared vision for a healthy and resilient River Culm of the future

    We are working together with people living in the Culm catchment to help solve the River Culm’s problems. One of the project’s main aims is to create a long-term plan for the future of the river that everyone agrees to – the Blueprint for the River Culm. This plan will set out how we intend to tackle the growing problems of flood and drought, improve water quality in the river and create a better place for wildlife and people.

    The plan will also set out how, together with people from across the landscape, will be working with nature to create a more healthy and resilient river. We will be using nature-based solutions like tree-planting and restoring soil health, because they are known to be effective and they have multiple other benefits. You can get involved in the process – we want and need as many local people to be involved in this process as we can.

    Find out how you can help shape the Blueprint

    Latest news on activities

    Get all the latest news and information on how you can get involved in Connecting the Culm

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