Financing Natural Flood Management

We were delighted when the Green Finance Institute asked us to contribute a case study for their new publication ‘Financing Natural Flood Management’. The document aims to be a blueprint for attracting private finance for NFM and our experience on the Culm is highly relevant. You can see our case study on pp 101-105.

Read the Financing Natural Flood Management report here

Connecting the Culm Forum #6 Nature Recovery on the Culm

On the 14th March 2024, nearly 100 people gathered for the sixth Connecting the Culm forum which explored the topic of nature recovery on the Culm. The speakers have kindly shared their presentations below and for those who missed the event, you can read about the it here.

View the presentations here:

A map of the Culm catchment

Science of the Culm – Environmental Evidence Review

We now have a full set of analysis and maps for the Culm catchment, which has enabled a lot of interventions and actions to be identified. These will be discussed (for example in Blueprint Working Groups and the Blueprint Forum) and implemented across the rest of the project into 2022! This is the complete ‘Environmental Evidence Review’. We’re currently working on something a bit more digestible… View the full Environmental Evidence Review here

Culm CSI 2021 Scorecards compilation smaller

Culm & tributaries Water Quality Scorecards

Thanks to the fantastic volunteers throughout the Culm catchment who collect and analyse water samples, we now have 6 Scorecards , which give the latest water quality overview for 2021. View the full Scorecards here:

Connecting the Culm survey. The Connecting the Culm project aims to work the with community to create a better future for the River Culm. We are interested in your views about the River Culm or any of the watercourses that flow into the river. The survey will take about five minutes to complete. At the end there is a chance to win two tickets to Coldharbour Mill

Summary of the results of the Connecting the Culm Questionnaire Survey November 2020

This brief 3 slide presentation summarises the main findings from the Connecting the Culm questionnaire undertaken in 2020. TAKE A LOOK AT THE FINDINGS NOW

Culm CSI Lower Culm Scorecard

Lower Culm Water Quality Scorecard

Thanks to the fantastic volunteers throughout the Culm catchment who collect and analyse water samples, we now have a Lower Culm CSI ‘Scorecard’ , which gives the latest water quality overview for 2020. View the full Scorecard here

Map of the lower half of the River Culm catchment.

East Devon Catchment Evidence Review

The East Devon Catchment Partnership adopt an ecosystem services approach to their catchment management planning activities. To support this an evidence review of the landscape was produced. READ THE EVIDENCE REVIEW

Close up of beech tree leaves

Nature-based solutions – an introduction

Close up of a Himalayan balsam flower

The River Axe Invasives Report 2015

This report details work undertaken on the River Axe to tackle invasive species and contains useful learning for our own project on the Culm commencing in 2021! View the invasives report here