The Connecting the Culm project has worked with architectural illustrator, Richard Carman, to visualise the River Culm, its tributaries and the wider catchment. Here we’ve gathered together some of the artwork and illustrations that have been created so far.

Catchment scale illustrations

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Upper Culm valley: present

Illustration showing aerial image of the upper Culm showing land use as it is today

Upper Culm valley: in the future, 2050

Culm catchment in the future: flood

Culm catchment in the future: drought

Vignettes of futures activities in the Culm catchment

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people working on the land
outdoor classrooms
local food and small scale enterprises
detention and retention ponds
cycle path by the river
fisherman next to river with crystal clear waters
cattle grazing in orchards

How were the illustrations created?

Richard Carman worked closely with the Connecting the Culm team and members of the community to co-create many of these images. Learn more about this process in this short film.

Rob Hopkins, who facilitated visioning workshops for the Connecting the Culm project, has also written about the creation of these images in his blog which can be read here.

Richard Carman & Dominic Acland – co-creating the Culm Blueprint

In this short film Richard and Dominic take us on a co-creation journey from the source of the River Culm right down to where it meets the Exe, thinking about how the various contributions of Culm communities have shaped the Blueprint illustrations, vision and action plan.