The Blueprint Policy Map


One of the main functions of the Blueprint for the Culm is to coordinate work in the catchment so that people and organisations focus their efforts sensibly.  By sharing plans and integrating resources, we

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Discover the Culm event video


The "Discover the River Culm" online event held on 22 October 2020 brought together a galaxy of specialists to detail their knowledge and insights into the science and heritage of the River Culm.  Over

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Climate change and the River Culm


2020 has been an extraordinary year for many reasons already, and let's hope things don't continue to be so disruptive! In terms of climate we had the wettest February on record (ie since 1862)

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Help shape the Blueprint for the Culm


The Blueprint for the Culm is a long-term plan for the River Culm, the streams that flow into it, and the land that drains into it. It will be a practical management plan, shaped

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